Looking for the right touch to your outfit? Our charming bracelets are the perfect accessory for a night on the town or traveling. We carry a wide variety of silver, gold, silver, copper and zirconium bracelets that add the right amount of charm and elegance to any attire or skin tone.

We also carry bronze-beaded bangle bracelets, hand-carved and shined wooden bracelets and gilded lucite. Most of our in-house bracelets are 5/16" wide but can be adjusted to fit any wrist size.

Precious Gems Bracelet

This sterling-silver cuff bracelet features genuine garnet, amethyst, and diamonds.


Two-Tone Bracelet

Our two-tone, 10K gold link bracelet can be adorned with whimsical charms.


Diamond Link Bracelet

Our diamond-shaped tennis bracelets are adorned with Swarovski crystal.


Blue Topaz Bracelet

Shades of blue adorn this bracelet constructed of blue topaz and silver wire.